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Anil Dobani Shares Why Social Media Marketing Is the Best Entrepreneur Training



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Entrepreneurs, especially those who own several businesses, are not expected to have perfect mastery of each and every aspect of their businesses. Sure, they should know everything there is to know about their brands and the products and/or services they offer, but anything in excess is why they have vice presidents, managers, and supervisors overseeing specific components of the business operation.

Business owners are most concerned about the macro scale, leaving the nitty-gritty of the business to other people. Still, according to Anil Dobani, or Anilthejeweler, there is one business aspect that entrepreneurs should train themselves in if they truly want their business ventures to succeed.

“Social media,” says Anil, “will help you understand things from the point of view of your clients.”

Speaking from his own experience, Anilthejeweler believes entrepreneurs should try managing the social media accounts of their businesses if only to gain a fresh perspective on what they’re trying to achieve.

According to Anil, every business owner’s goal should be geared toward the satisfaction of customers, and what the customers want cannot be gleaned from board meetings and strat meets. These can only be inferred from their social media engagements with one’s brand.

This is exactly why, to this day, Anilthejeweler credits most of his success to the years he spent managing other jewellers’ social media accounts.

“My goal is to always respect the needs of each and every potential customer,” explains Anil. “I try my hardest to accommodate their wishes, regardless of their financial circumstances and regardless of what I personally think. The customer’s preferences come first.”

Growing up, Anil always felt like entrepreneurship was his calling. But while other business-minded people would jump headfirst into the unknown world of capital investing and running a business, Anil took his sweet time because he didn’t want his story to be something that started with a colossal failure that he was able to turn around, no matter how common that storyline is among business owners. He preferred progress without setbacks, no matter how slow-paced.

Hence, he spent his free time in high school working under the tutelage of different jewellers. As a young, tech-savvy individual, Anil was mostly put in charge of community engagement. He ran social media pages for other jewellers, helping them get noticed by potential customers online. Soon enough, he was already managing multiple pages at a time. That’s when Anil got the reputation of having the Midas touch when it came to marketing jewellers on social media.

Because of this reputation, many jewellers reached out to Anil for help in promoting their brands. They expected the young man to start a social media agency of his own because of his seemingly natural talent for digital marketing. However, Anil blew everyone away when he decided to use his social media savvy to promote a single business: his own.

“Instead of establishing my own social media marketing agency, I decided to get my own feet wet by launching my own Insta to sell custom jewellery,” says Anil.

Despite his transition from being a social media manager to being the owner of his own custom jewellery business, Anil never forgot all the lessons he learned from building other jewellers’ pages. As a side effect, his shop on Instagram gained no less than 28,000 followers in its first year. He even caught the eye of several NFL and NBA superstars, for whom he has delivered customized chains, bracelets, rings, and even grills.

But aside from the ability to grow his page’s following in a short span of time, another thing that Anil learned from managing social media pages that he was able to apply to his own business is providing impeccable customer service just by keeping communication lines open. This has allowed Anilthejeweler to maintain solid operations despite the negative disruptions brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.

“Yes, COVID-19 delayed production of my products because of shortened work hours and delays in shipments of materials from our vendors, but our customers don’t mind,” says the businessman. “It’s because we keep our customers in the loop throughout the entire process. We let them know the estimated wait times from the get-go, and we make sure any extra waiting time is properly made up for.”

Clearly, Anilthejeweler is the successful entrepreneur he is today because of everything he learned from working as an online community manager for other jewellers back in the day.

He now urges budding entrepreneurs to consider taking the same route. Anil swears by the importance of social media work in fostering good connections with potential customers—something that every entrepreneur should aspire to have.


To learn more about Anilthejeweler’s unique journey toward successful entrepreneurship, you may follow him on Instagram at @anilthejeweler or @anildobani_.

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