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Entrepreneur BobbyJayTV Shares The Secret To His Success Every Young Person Should Know



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Bob Jacobs, most commonly known by his stage name BobbyJayTV (born December 3, 1994) who currently lives in Boston, Massachusetts is a serial entrepreneur and an inspiration for every young entrepreneur.

BobbyJayTV’s Early Life

BobbyJayTV was born in Monrovia, Liberia. His parents wanted to leave war-torn Liberia at a very early age, when BobbyJayTV was just 11 years old, he moved to the United States with his parents. Later BobbyJayTV learned that he had in him an abundance of natural gifts. He felt the United States was an ideal breeding ground. He is an ideal example of a ‘rags to riches’ story. For him, it was the beginning of a long, fresh journey away from Liberia. BobbyJayTv also attests, amid the chaos, that the country (Liberia) is full of individuals with exceptional skills, except that they have little exposure and assistance.

In spite of the uncertainty, BobbyJayTv discovered the importance of becoming independent. It was from there that he realized that he needed to be his own manager so that he could be the one who controlled his whole life without anyone else dictating it.

I wake up every day hungry for success and willing to put the work in. Nothing that is worth it comes easy.


He realized at a young age that a 9 to 5 job wouldn’t make him a fortune, and it did not suit his entrepreneurial mentality, which was his mindset. Having a strong vision, he still worked hard, whether in music, exercise, or content development, to accomplish his goals. It’s what many people try to do, but are not successful, in the case of BobbyJayTV, everything worked.

BobbyJayTV’s Entrepreneurial Rise

A multicultural village is today’s world. Raw artists, due to ever-improving technologies, have it convenient to demonstrate their capacity to the world. Young BobbyJayTV battled for the restricted mediums of marketing that were there where he is from. However, being an extrovert provided a great chance for him to link to the right individuals.

Moreover, the aggressive wave of technology caught up with him. He embraced the available online marketing platforms, and, quite clearly, it was worthwhile. After a long time of struggle without connections, he was finally able to network with essential people who unlocked big doors for him. BobbyJayTv never tires from highlighting the importance of meaningful connections.

Not only is BobbyJayTv an entrepreneur, but it is also an activist. He is battling against today’s rampant injustices. Since childhood, he is so open to these demands to reform. He has been interested in these injustices.

He could not achieve much of his achievements without a lot of effort and challenges. Indeed, before hitting where he is, BobbyJayTv faced some obstacles. His motto was, “never give up.” Popularity pursued him from there to becoming an influencer on TV. This wasn’t all; he was with the New Hampshire Senator in the television interview.

A Hero In Disguise

BobbyJayTv has this aspect to make the planet a safer place for everyone, aside from following his own personal interests. He refused to wait and watch things go wrong. He hosts a beauty fashion event that aims to tackle the progressive growth of sex trafficking. The people of Massachusetts and beyond have embraced this change.

He always emphasizes how meaningful connections are crucial to succeed in life. He selects this from his stormy background as an entrepreneur in his first years. He was eventually able to communicate with important people after a long struggle without contacts, who opened for him wide doors.

BobbyJayTv always claims that in achieving greatness, a certain level of stress has to be endured. Basically, No pain, no gain. Especially when high risks and revolutionary changes are on the cards. On success, according to him, the only way to be wealthy is through hard work. “Many have stopped me going,” he says. “The hunger for success can be more from inside you than from any external outlets.


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Obstacles Faced by BobbyJayTV

Because of his location, he also had many difficulties. “Where I’m from is so many talented people. My obstacles were lack of support and lack of connections,” he says. Day and night he went to the greener pastures. When he and his family finally left Liberia and moved to the United States, it wasn’t just a sound of relief, it was also an opening of promise for a better future.

BobbyJayTv is also collaborating with his colleagues on a fashion show that raises awareness of sex trafficking. He is so proud to be one of the people who support the world to fight this plague, and we can clearly see him winning.

Do a lot of research on your career. Criticize yourself and see what you are lacking and what you need to work on for a better version of yourself. Do not seek validation from people was not valid.


Drawing Inspiration

BobbyJayTV is still keen to share with curious young people his wealth of experience. The corporate brains in particular. BobbyJayTV required many failures to understand the need to update himself with what was going around the world. He encourages the young people to spend more time on their own.

Decisions taken from the start rarely flop according to BobbyJayTV Jaytv.

BobbyJayTV warned young actors, too, “Watch your circles.” He begins by attributing the individuals allowed into his growth circle a portion of his performance. Today, he harvests the fruits of his choice.

Whom does BobbyJayTV idolize?

Tupac is the most visible influencer on BobbyJayTV’s long list. We all can affirm the wisdom in his rap hits of the late hip-hop star. BobbyJayTV also takes his influence from the legend Tupac.


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The journey of BobbyJayTV was characterized by cheerful and sad stories. He has ensured that any experience is used as a recipe for development which has clearly served him well. He makes it perfectly clear that his goal of impacting his life profoundly on American young people is a long-standing initiative.

BobbyJayTV’s Future Plans

In the future he sees himself as a corporate mogul who makes millions to support himself along with his family, knowing just what he desires. Hard work is no doubt worthwhile and BobbyJayTV is a clear example.


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