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Building a 7 Figure Store With Louis Albanese



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With an ambitious goal to make 100 million, businessman Louis Albanese refuses to settle despite already achieving huge levels of success. Here we find out all about his vision.

Creating freedom

In today’s fast-paced environment, people are facing unprecedented pressures in their daily lives.

Many across the globe have dreams to earn more and live a life of luxury but achieving that requires overcoming huge obstacles.

However, Louis’ business provides the answer that those around the world are searching for.

Launched in 2020, Amazon Freedom builds seamless seven-figure Amazon stores for each of its clients, while handling all of the tedious day-to-day work.

It understands time is one of the most valuable commodities, so with the company’s help and expertise, clients are able to have steady passive income streams that are equivalent to an additional salary, if not more.

Entrepreneur at heart

But Invest In Your Freedom is far more than just a business.

It is a sense of community and family where the team strives to help people gain knowledge, income and networking.

Louis’ personal background started in pre-med because he wanted to help people but he knew he was always an entrepreneur at heart.

Now he helps people financially so they can enjoy the better things in life and he has not looked back since.

And the company has a clear goal, which is to help others and create freedom.

While he has already achieved a huge level of success, Louis is by no means letting up in his efforts.

He has already turned 10,000 into 1 million. But his goal, while daunting to many, is to make a staggering 100 million.

Key advice

Louis also has crucial advice for young entrepreneurs or anyone looking to do what his company does.

He urges them to start investing now, start pushing their limits and start taking risks, while keeping their mind open to possibilities.

Furthermore, in 10 years he sees himself managing more than 5,000 traders and 1,000 e-commerce stores.

The company’s vision is to be the largest management company in the world.

As for his personal life, he sees himself starting a family and being able to take care of his loved ones.

Multi-million dollar algorithm

The uniqueness of his businesses is without a doubt the network.

It has created a community that was made for the stock market and e-commerce but transitioned into something much bigger.

The firm’s original idea created multiple other investment opportunities for everyone and it now has members helping others purchase homes, cars, watches, services and more.

Remarkably, it has even had a few members make enough money to pay for engagement rings, which was an amazing feeling for Louis.

There are, of course, countless companies across the world with promises to help clients.

But Amazon Freedom is different. It truly has top tier people working with the company, as well as a multi-million dollar algorithm that is only offered to its clientele and it is not like other generic tools that people use online.

Role model

Louis has not had to look far for his biggest role model, which is his dad.

His dad had a very hard upbringing and does not often talk about it, but Louis has heard from his brothers and mom about what he went through.

To this day, it continues to amaze Louis that his dad has accomplished so much to get to where he is now while always taking care of his loved ones.

Furthermore, one of the key moments in Louis’ life was meeting Anthony Nuara, who has become like a brother to him.

The pair always have each other’s backs and their values and morals align with each other without any friction.

Anthony has pushed Louis to broaden his mindset – and the limits to that are endless.

Follow Louis on Instagram @louiealbanese or visit his Facebook page at

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