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Christien Bouc Will Be The King Of Instagram Growth



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Building an Instagram account in 2021 is incredibly difficult. But to Christien Bouc and his marketing agency Bouc Media, growing brands into hundreds of thousands of followers is an everyday task. Very few know the platform like Christien Bouc, hence earning him the nickname among Instagram agencies as the “King Of IG”.


Christien Bouc is an American entrepreneur and an expert in social media marketing and monetization. He started his marketing agency Bouc Media in 2016 and scaled his business while growing millions of followers for himself and his clients. Currently, Christien and Bouc Media focus on influencer marketing services to grow brands USA followers through promotion via large, niched pages & celebrity giveaways. The Instagram expert and his team have mastered the art of building a presence online and monetizing those followers.


“I built my online business to multiple six figures in revenue annually utilizing social,” says Christien Bouc. “It’s how I started my personal brand, so I know this stuff works and you can make a lucrative living with social media”. Unlike many entrepreneurs, Christien started his marketing agency by going door-to-door and pitching physical businesses. He went to the main street, Palm Canyon in Palm Springs, California; and approached local businesses but faced a lot of rejection. He did not give up, and his persistence paid off as he built a local client base from an author to a restaurant, to medical marijuana before moving to client acquisition purely online. “Client acquisition online worked far better than approaching in person, and this is when I started gaining momentum,” Christien says.


Bouc Media has worked with several high net worth individuals from Elizabeth Chevalier, a model with over 1.5M followers, as well as one of the largest hemp and CBD companies in the United States is a client. Christien has also personally worked with several 7 figure startup companies from a basketball media startup funded by Lebron James and Drake to an educational toy company that was later acquired and sold.


Christien Bouc and Bouc Media continue to impress clients at the types of results they are able to produce for brands desiring USA followers in the tens of thousands per month. Christien and his team, directly have access to some of the largest shoutout networks on Instagram and have been able to scale pages over 50,000+ followers a month leveraging some of the biggest pages on the gram.


Nowadays, brands and influencers reach out to Christien for the newest marketing services, and growth solutions. Because of expertise and VIP services, marketing agencies identify Christien Bouc as the “King Of IG” and is the go-to for Instagram growth.

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