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Cody Kerns: College Dropout to over 7 million in Sales



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Cody Kerns, Founder, and CEO of the iComeup Marketing Agency. Cody is an online marketer who has built his reputation, helping businesses build effective brands on Instagram. Here’s how he scaled his business past seven million in less than five years and made one of the fastest-growing Instagram Marketing Agencies that is now partnered with Cardone Ventures.

Subtle beginnings

Cody attended Coastal Carolina University and completed a one-year business management program with a 3.15 GPA. Shortly after, he decided to pursue a different direction and ended up dropping college altogether.


Cody soon Found himself an excellent opportunity as a sales affiliate for Vemma Nutrition. It was at this point in his journey that he had started building an understanding of real-life dynamics with high-value skills such as networking, marketing, and business operations. This foundation he established was the birth of ‘iComeup LLC,’ a marketing agency that has now crossed the threshold of over seven million in sales.

Achieving Success

Cody never had an advantage within his career besides hard work and hustle. The young Cody created his first micro venture at 13, founding his own chewing gum business in 7th grade. A vital step that founded a concrete understanding of business at a very early age for Cody. The Micro-Ventures followed Cody into high school as he began to build his reputation for selling sneakers, electronics, and other items to his classmates. Although it was very lucrative for the high schooler, the real value was built in the forms of the skills he garnered in the realms of leadership and effective task management. That experience of business operations at a tiny scale played a role in Cody being able to scale an agency past seven million.

Drawing Inspiration

In August of 2015, Cody witnessed a disconnect in social media, especially on Instagram, between the number of followers a profile has and the number of likes, comments, and engagement that profile had. The reason this happened was because of the excessive purchase of fake followers.

If you’re conversant with the social media platform Instagram, you can bear witness to the fact that there are a lot of ads or profiles that advertise tons of free followers for a little amount of money. Yeah, these accounts give you the number of followers you purchase, but what they don’t tell you is that you bought fake followers, commonly referred to as bots. Their service, however good it may seem, only gives you the appearance of being popular, there’s absolutely zero engagement

Cody thought about a solution for this and came up with his brainchild, iComeUp Marketing. He created a formula that was guaranteed to fill in the followers’ gap by offering real followers.

He shares a simple strategy; More real followers = more real engagement, more real engagement = more sales.

“It’s a numbers game.  More followers mean more people are viewing you, your brand, your product, or your service, and since we at iComeUp, target your new followers based on niche and target demographic, it’s inevitable that you start seeing profits from your social media account.” – Cody explains.

Reaping The Fruits

Today, Cody works with some of the biggest names in the business, such as Elena Cardone, Ryan Tseko, Natalie Workman, and more! His Marketing Agency has served over 4000+ clients and has been featured in countless publications. Cody himself has been interviewed hundreds of times by some of the biggest names in the business for his refreshing perspective on effective social media marketing. If you plan on creating a powerful brand in 2020, Cody and his team are the guys to call.


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