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CWBY Launched a Successful Music Venture During the Pandemic



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As the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world hard in March 2020, it forced many businesses to close their doors due to strict protocols put in place to try to contain the virus. While the pandemic had a negative impact on businesses worldwide, it opened up new avenues of opportunity for aspiring artists and entrepreneurs.

CWBY didn’t let the pandemic stop him from launching his music career in March 2020, which proved to be as good a time as any to jump into the industry. With millions of people out of work or working from home, there were many more open ears out there waiting to devour new music. CWBY has piqued the interest of tens of thousands of listeners with his unique sound and style and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Here’s how he did it and where he is now.

Discovering His Passion

Born and raised in Florida, CWBY knew early on in his life that he was destined for something bigger. He spent years living out of a suitcase in and out of motels while working 20 hours a day before he gave it all up to live out his dreams. He discovered his passion for music and the spotlight after starting work as a promoter for an EDM club when he was 19. The DJ recognized his natural talent and charisma and asked him to be the emcee and Hype Man for the place when he realized that he was destined to be on stage. He eventually took off to break ground in the LA music scene and never looked back.

An Entrepreneur and Artist

CWBY is no stranger to the world of business and is determined to navigate his way through the music industry independently. His work as a promoter gave him the experience he needed to start his own cannabis business, which he’s running while writing and recording songs and making music videos. He believes that hard work and determination are the keys to success. He spends his free time on activities that will help him become a better musician and businessman.

A Successful Start

CWBY began its venture as a music artist in March 2020. Within his first year in the business, he released his hit single, Trapstar, and was featured in a popular Outsiders track called Stressed in Love. He has garnered over 80,000 followers on Instagram, and his music video for Trapstar has over a million views. He humbly reflects, “I don’t have many fans just yet since I started making music right when COVID happened, but it is nice to see random people all over the world DM me on Instagram appreciating the first and only song I have released so far.”

Despite ushering in his career at the height of COVID-19, CWBY remains optimistic, with ten songs currently recorded and plans for his first album. He has major dreams of working with some of the largest names in the industry, collaborating on songs and albums. Once his album is released, CWBY plans to turn his focus on live performances. 

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