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Damon Woodward: A Modern Real Estate Entrepreneur



Damon Woodward
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Anyone looking for a low-stress work environment where stakes are not that high, but neither is the payday, would do well to form a wide circle around real estate investment. In the world of real estate acquisitions, investments, and sales, where there are millions of dollars at stake—and they’re often someone else’s dollars—the tensions run high.

It takes a special kind of person who can not only survive that kind of environment, but thrive within it, and Damon Woodward is it. Not only is Damon a successful real estate investor and entrepreneur, but he also holds the position as the CEO of the Blackcard Elite Academy Ltd as well as Leadway Holdings Ltd. The most mind-boggling thing about him? His portfolio has over 70 properties.

So, what does it take for a young person to thrive in such a high-stakes industry while continuing to move forward one step after another? It takes skills, of course. Damon’s work philosophy is all about acquiring the right skills. In that regard, he’s the biggest evangelist for skill acquisition, often saying to people, “You can go as far and as high as you want to; the only limiting factor is your skills and abilities.”

This speaks volumes about Damon’s leadership style, but it still hasn’t brought the readers closer to figuring out how a young man with such a burden on his shoulders can so nonchalantly go about his business as if he’s been carrying it his whole life.

The trick is, of course, in how Damon decides to spend his spare time. As an entrepreneur who is very much into what he’s doing and has the top position in two companies, the majority of this time naturally goes to making sure these companies and his portfolio are thriving and taken care of.


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However, it’s not a certainty that Damon would be able to do this for a long time at the tempo he’s set without some of the activities he enjoys during his spare time. To stay on top of his game, Damon has to know when to walk away from it and how to take care of himself while he’s away.

The concept he’s adopted is what he calls “extreme self-care.” Because of the time he spends doing work in such a high-performance environment, he simply has to give himself enough time to revitalize, recharge, and prepare mentally for the challenges that await him on the next working day, or even before that.

Even though this sounds like an intro into a complicated and convoluted self-care routine, what Damon does is fairly simple. For one, Damon will do his very best to avoid working on Sundays. Sundays are a day off for him, and he likes to spend them at spas.

There, Damon will divide his time between having a massage and spending some time alone in quiet reflection. A lot is going on in the head of a real-estate entrepreneur, so taking the time to recognize, analyze, and catalog his thoughts is important for Damon. The best-case scenario is that the time he spends alone with his thoughts is the time that allows him to come up with novel strategies for growing his company.

Apart from the time he spends at spas, Damon also likes to eat out; visiting new restaurants is a passion of his that he gets to indulge whenever the road takes him to another convention or course. Because no matter how important relaxation is to staying stress-free in such a demanding industry, being well-aware of the latest trends and staying a step or two ahead of the competition can also do wonders.

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