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Evan Tsaboukos Is the Superhero of the Handicapping Industry



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Education is the necessary ingredient in the recipe for success. While there are established dogmas that advocate for working a “stable” or “secure” office job, those come with little to no education. Entrepreneurs are taking it into their own hands to educate the masses and demonstrate the possibilities which are, in some instances, endless. Evan Tsaboukos is an entrepreneur and business owner from Australia. He has created a revolutionary sports & racing investment system called The Cash Kings, which has single-handedly changed the investment world.


Tsaboukos started his first business when he was only 21 years old. The approach that he came up with back then was called “Matched Handicapping.” Essentially, his new system outsmarted bookies and introduced a new way of sports investing that minimized risk and maximized profit. The system was so effective that the entrepreneur branched out into Blockchain and Forex.

He always put education at the center of it. “I want to empower people to make good decisions for themselves, not just follow the crowd blindly,” he shares. The Cash Kings is dedicated to offering expert advice for those who want to enter the world of sports investment and get on board with the cutting-edge trends as they emerge.


When it comes to the competition, Tsaboukos is confident. While the standard companies that offer guidance in sports investment only provide software, Evan and his team have courses. They are building a community and educating people instead of simply granting access to another platform. The Cash Kings has built up over 100 hours of content across the board, with more than 100,000 words in written materials. Nobody else in that industry comes close to these numbers, which is something Tsaboukos is immensely proud of.


Mindset education is another crucial aspect of sports investment. While the statistics can go up and down, one’s mood needs to remain steady. Evan is one of those entrepreneurs who work for their families. He is supporting three sisters, a brother, and his parents. “I always separate emotion and take it completely out of my business. When I get too worried and frustrated, I take a day off and go meditate,” he shares.


The power of mindset may not be tangible, but it’s the key aspect that helps new entrepreneurs follow through with ideas even when the situation gets tough to navigate. Then, of course, there’s team-building. In sports investment, much like any other industry, having a reliable team is crucial. Elon Musk and Richard Branson are two of the entrepreneurs who immediately come to mind when speaking about team-building. While operating on a smaller scale at the moment, Evan Tsaboukos carries out the same principles and pours a lot of time and energy into his people. When the company team reflects the business’s values, things move a lot more smoothly a lot quicker.

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The Cash Kings are poised for growth as the company keeps helping people reach their goals by minimizing risk. Education for Tsaboukos comes in the form of saying “no” at times. On one occasion, a potential client wanted to sign up but didn’t have the right mindset. Evan explained to them that they needed to reevaluate their beliefs and methods before going into the investment and turned them down. “I want to educate people so that they make the choice that is right for them. Just because someone else is using the system and making money doesn’t mean that it would work for them, too, especially if they have a track record showing that they’ve made the same mistakes over and over again,” Tsaboukos says.


The entrepreneur provides education in many different forms, including on Instagram, which is a quick and easy way to reach his ever-growing audience. He believes that once one educates people about their values and methods, people become not only fans, but dedicated supporters, and in that case, the business turns into an ideology that has the power of changing lives for the better. Tsaboukos is looking forward to the future. He plans to add more online course materials to The Cash Kings and cater better to the growing community. He is on track to scale his business and be a dedicated agent of change in the world of sports investment.

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