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How Christopher Chong’s Giti Online Uses Influencers to Increase Reach



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Christopher Chong started Giti Online in 2003 in the city of Gainesville, Florida. The goal was to create unique and affordable fashion for women, using a storefront in a retail center before their customer base exploded and expanded. They use social media and other tools to help develop their customer base and reach more people than ever before. One of the best ways that they have been able to get more people has been through Micro-Influencers on social media platforms, who share their products with new and existing customers in unique ways.

Christopher Chong has always made sure that Giti Online has adapted to the changing trends and market situations. When they began in 2003, they were a small fashion boutique that serviced a smaller Florida region. Despite the challenges, Chong had a passion for fashion and wanted to see Giti Online succeed. One of the critical indicators of their success was their ability to adapt as a brand over time, continually finding new ways to diversify and stand out compared to their competitors.

The first major shift was from retail to wholesale. Chong saw how Giti Online and other smaller businesses faced many obstacles in the beginning. Several smaller companies could not afford to start and maintain their success because they ordered more inventory than needed. Giti Online stepped in and became a smaller wholesale store for small businesses. They became the middleman, but they were also instrumental in saving many boutiques from failing as they found new ways to acquire their inventory in smaller quantities.

Following that change, social media was the next big decision they implemented. Social media marketing is one of the easiest ways to gain customers and communicate brand messages to people. For Chong’s Giti Online, social media marketing has been made more convenient through the use of micro-influencers. These individuals already have their platforms on social media, yet they also promote Giti Online products to their followers. For these women, the opportunity is beneficial for them as well in many ways.

Micro-influencers have been highly influential in the growth of Giti Online’s customer base. In exchange for product discounts, micro-influencers can share outfits and other clothing items from Giti Online’s website. It is an inexpensive way to spread the news about sales and promotions. Christopher Chong has credited much of their recent success in the digital age due to this capability, as it has helped Giti Online gain even more traction. Arguably, it is methods such as sharing products with micro-influencers that will lead to their international success in the future.

Looking ahead, social media marketing and micro-influencers will be influential in the plans for Giti Online. Chong hopes to expand Giti Online even further, opening up its sales in several foreign markets. As a company that already rivals that of Fashion Nova and Pretty Little Things, Giti Online has the potential to become even more significant than they are now, with customers all around the world. Chong’s ultimate goal is to expand Giti Online to as many countries as possible and service new customers in the coming years. With the success they have had in the past, they can become one of the world’s most extensive plus-size fashion companies.

To check out more news about their sales and promotions, feel free to follow, like, message, and subscribe to Chong’s brand. Currently, GitiOnline has an Instagram account, Facebook page, and YouTube channel. Chong ensures that there is regular content nearly daily on most of their platforms. For those interested in plus size clothing, be sure to check out their website at all for a vast selection of items!

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