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Jackenson Verdul: Helping Thousands Experience Financial Prosperity through Forex Trading



Jackenson Verdul
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Almost everyone dreams of living a life ruled by financial peace and plenty. Yet in this world of inflating costs and diminishing returns, getting a bearing on one’s income seems like a fleeting affair. Leading wealth coach, finance mentor, and trading guru Jackenson Verdul has changed that narrative for thousands of people. Today, his drive to help others is greater than ever as he hopes to multiply his results exponentially and teach more people how to win in life through the Forex markets.

Who is Jackenson Verdul?

Jackenson Verdul, or otherwise known for his nickname “Jackpot,” has become one of today’s most prominent Forex trading coaches. Through his company FX Capital Online, he and his growing team of trading coaches have helped thousands of people successfully traverse and trade the markets. Over 150 of his students have left their day jobs to become full-time traders who earn through their strategic trades no matter where they are.

Jack founded FX Capital back in 2017 with the mission of providing anyone and everyone who wants to enter the Forex trading game with the tools and knowledge needed to achieve financial prosperity. The company leads the way in providing high-level education and coaching. “We believe every individual has the power to tap into unrealized potential and become the best version of themselves,” shares the FX Capital Online founder.

Jackenson Verdul is also one of the primary educators and coaches of the FXCO Academy, his company’s top-tier forex trading coaching program. The digital education platform provides its students with all the tools necessary to go from Forex newbie to profitable trader in record time. FXCO Academy provides aspiring traders with access to a three-part trading online course that tackles every single know-how necessary to become a full-fledged trader. The platform also provides its participants with access to a community of traders who collaborate on their strategies and approaches to actual trades in the market, a pool of coaches, and a list of online brokers traders can use to access the Forex markets.

What makes Jackenson Different?

More than anything, Jackenson Verdul believes in the power of self-confidence and belief. “Above all, you have to believe in yourself and maintain your vision, despite what others tell you,” shares the expert trader. “When that vision becomes reality, everyone else will believe in your dream.” Jackpot hopes to help many more achieve their life’s goals through trading the markets and growing their wealth with his winning forex strategy.

With more than 80,000 subscribers and over 3.5 million views on his YouTube channel, Jackenson Verdul is undeniably this generation’s go-to person when it comes to Forex trading. Whether a person is a newcomer or someone who is already established in the industry, there are still so many strategies and truths that can be learned from Jack.

FX Capital Online

FX Capital Online has grown into an influential force in the trading world, with its YouTube channel reaching over 3.5 million views and 80,000 subscribers. Through its signature approach to trading known as the “Jackpot Strategy,” FX Capital has turned thousands of people into master traders who see gains regularly on their efforts.

In all that Jackenson does, he serves a higher purpose, motivated to help people experience the best that life has to offer. He believes in the power of the markets to give people everywhere a chance to live their dreams and earn from anywhere they are in the world through online trades. “I want to help people that want to become financially independent by creating a community of like minded individuals that strive to grow by personal development and learn an applicable skill set,” shares Jackpot.

Jackenson hopes to travel the world, sharing about the opportunities for people to earn and win through Forex markets’ opportunities. Jack currently also has plans of starting a portfolio of real estate investments and entering the marijuana industry.

To learn more about Jackenson Verdul, visit FX Capital Online’s website and Instagram profile.

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