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Rewriting the Books With Jiwan Emre



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The sports handicapping industry has grown to become a multi-billion dollar industry, its mass appeal to both players and sports lovers contributing to its ever-increasing popularity. With this type of game attracting players whether they are in it for fun or profit, the industry promises to continue its pattern of growth for the foreseeable future.

Even the COVID-19 pandemic, with its far-reaching effects causing disruptions in economies and the conduct of sports events worldwide, has not significantly hampered the growth of this field. Innovations in the form of new technologies that allow for playing to be done entirely remotely have been vital to the industry’s sustained popularity. Sports handicapping may have even gotten a boost in popularity in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic due to the pandemic-borne boredom combined with the fact that many are in need of additional sources of income and the availability and mass appeal of the above technologies.

Accordingly, services that offer sports handicapping advice have grown in tandem with this booming popularity. As is expected from any novel, unregulated industry, however, disreputable businesses and outright scams are exceedingly common, offering unrealistic playing advantages or simply low-quality advice. In the worst cases, supposed consultants downright disappear after customers have paid for their supposed “sure-win” formulas. Such scams add insult to injury for sports handicap beginners already trying to overcome the difficult odds of profiting in the business.

Seeing the prevalence of such problems, sports handicapping consultant Jiwan Emre has built his business by applying a customer-oriented, fully-transparent approach to high-quality sports handicapping advice. Through his company Crush The Books, Jiwan offers various services ranging from packages with detailed predictions for a wide variety of sports to comprehensive mentorship programs for higher-end clients.

From a young age, Jiwan has distinguished himself from his peers by his fascination with math, statistics, and analytics. At just four years old, he was already making a hobby of writing team and player stats in his notebook to execute his own analyses. Jiwan would sustain his interest into adulthood, taking advanced schooling with a focus on mathematics. His semi-professional poker career would teach him the fundamentals of handicapping, particularly bankroll management, as well as building a vital network from which he can build a team and attract clients.

By 17 years old, Jiwan had transitioned from fantasy sports and poker to full-time sports handicapping. Although early mistakes have seen him bust out on several occasions, his passion, determination, and ability to learn have allowed him to dominate the industry from his humble beginnings. Since then, Jiwan has improved his abilities and built up his comparatively paltry $1,000 bankroll to amounts that enable him to pay tens of thousands of dollars a week without any significant risk.

Today, Jiwan hopes to help aspiring handicappers to find success not only with each individual play but with their overall strategy. With a team composed of well-trained and equally determined individuals, Jiwan hopes to build his brand into one loved not only for its success but also for its honesty and credibility, traits which Jiwan believes are currently severely lacking in the sports handicapping industry.

Through a sports consulting company that places itself ethically above the common unscrupulous competitor, hopes to change the culture of the industry as a whole. In Crush The Books, he hopes to build players that are better not just in their handicapping ability but also in their integrity. The fact that the notion of an ‘honest handicapper’ seems oxymoronic to many people further pushes Jiwan to strive for this dream. Today, his company provides top-level services while maintaining 100% transparency and abstaining from unrealistic claims that are all too common in their field.

With Crush The Books, Jiwan Emre hopes to help aspiring players realize that the industry necessarily involves an insurmountable grind, albeit one that can be won with the proper information and determination. Through this, he hopes to become one of the industry’s best handicappers and contribute to raising the standards of the quintessential handicapper in matters that go beyond just handicapping.

Jiwan is currently in the process of building up his brand, Crush The Books. You can follow and find out more about them through their Instagram at @crush.the.books.

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