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Ganga Tattoo: The Celebrity Tattoo Artist Teaching Techniques to the Next Generation



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Los Angeles-based Ganga Tattoo, owned and operated by Ganga, is the tattoo studio of celebrities, influencers, and athletes. Ganga’s work is featured on the skin of influential celebrities and athletes such as Drake, Post Malone, Chris Brown, Odell Beckham Jr., and many others. He is making an artistic impression in the industry with ink and teaching techniques.

Who Is Ganga?

Ganga, or Joaquin Ganga, is a professional tattoo artist located in Los Angeles, California. He began his tattoo career in the small village of El Palmar in Murcia, Spain, where he was born. His artistic passion grew from graffiti to tattooing after watching Miami Ink with his father in the evenings. At the age of 17, he used the money he made from painting the front of a fruit store to purchase his first tattooing kit. From there, the rest is history, from practising on friends to travelling the world and setting up shop in Los Angeles to tattoo Hollywood’s finest.

Ganga’s Achievements

After Ganga’s first tattoo studio was opened in his hometown, he took on his largest tattoo creation, Metamorphosis. The canvas used in Metamorphosis is a 195 cm X 135 cm piece of leather created in Poland to simulate human skin. If one looks at the tattooed artwork rendition of Salvador Dali, they can see the skin’s pores.

In addition to his remarkable pieces of work, Ganga also takes time to educate others in the arts—not just tattooing. He is never content with just resting on his achievements and is always looking to use his talents in new, exciting ways. His future projects range from a sneaker collaboration to teaching art classes for children. He has even launched the Ganga Tattoo Academy for potential artists to find their place in his studio.

Ganga’s Unique Tattoo Experience

Even with his recognition through Instagram, getting work done by Ganga is a unique experience. The tattooing environment is always safe and welcoming, and it offers a private experience that customers can’t get from just any tattoo studio. Every piece is unique, exclusive, and high-end. Not only does Ganga do tattoo work, but he manages assistants and runs the day-to-day business operations. He learned this early apprenticing in a tattoo studio as his first business venture.

Each piece of art that Ganga tattoos is created personally for the client—100% unique. Every tattoo offers aficionados realist, micro-realist, fine line, traditional, or neo-traditional art pieces. You can see the detail in the work he completed for Chris Brown of an Air Jordan 3.

Where to Find Ganga Online

For more information on Ganga, visit

Follow Ganga on Instagram at @gangatattoo.

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