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Former Athlete to Entrepreneur: Kevin Lo’s Incredible Climb to Success



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Growing up in Los Angeles, Kevin Lo has seen first-hand what it takes to make it big. The Oak Park area in California stands as the largest unincorporated independent city. Naturally, a hustling life is what lies beyond the suburbs where all the big names work hard every day to achieve greater milestones. Raised with the same fervour and unwavering passion for sports, Kevin has always been dedicated to achieving his goals. As a hard-working football player in high school, he continued his journey at San Diego State University. These experiences reinforced his drive to pursue professional football but he soon realized that his true calling was somewhere else. All his life, Kevin was always very hardworking and passionate about whatever he set his mind too. Whether it was related to guiding his peers or motivating his inner circle, he’s had an innate talent for making great things happen. 

Further down the line, it became evident that his real purpose in life was closely connected to entrepreneurship. Being an elite athlete at the collegiate level required you to be hard-working, motivated, committed and dedicated. The dedication that Kevin had as an athlete made him bring the same work ethic and blueprint to entrepreneurship. Therefore, Kevin leveraged his drive and turned it into a powerful presence that motivated thousands to live better lives. He took his message to social media and through teaching his life lessons gained hundreds of thousands of followers who resonated with Kevin worldwide. His message to live a better life has inspired his followers to become the best versions of themselves. Every day he inspires countless people; motivating them to immerse themselves in positive behaviours such as getting physically fit, being surround by like-minded individuals and drinking more water. Evidently, maximizing human performance, formed the blueprint of Kevin’s vision.

As an entrepreneur, he remains focused on unifying the community and creating movements that give followers a purpose. All of his efforts have contributed to building a stellar business model that rakes in 8 figures worth of sales every year! These numbers speak for themselves, and various teams spearheaded by Kevin vouch for his brilliance. Needless to say, his business flaunts a plethora of talented individuals who collectively make one of the most rapidly growing teams in North America. Under the mentorship of their leader, they’ve gone on to achieve amazing things. From implementing tremendous changes within their own life to getting others on board, Kevin’s team members have crossed various benchmarks selling medically licensed water ionizers. His vision has, thus, proved imperative in the transformation of thousands of lives. 

Encouraging the masses to adopt healthier lifestyles is no easy feat but it seems that Kevin took this challenge head-on and showed his critics what he’s truly made of. However, that’s not all. As a firm believer in economic independence, he has also enabled hundreds to make more money aside from what they get from their normal job. By providing education and training on medically licensed water ionizers, people working with Kevin have the ability of more financial freedom.


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