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Listen to Naor Yazdan: “Nothing Can Stop You”



Naor Yazdan
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Naor Yazdan, born and raised in Israel, set out to change every single body one step at a time with a certified training program that started after his time serving in the Israeli army and experiencing life. You get the sense that some people were born for helping others, and you then meet these gifted souls that are relentless about their goals of helping people. Naor is the fitness guru that you will keep reading about and is someone you can seek to work with if fitness is important to you.

Meet Naor Yazdan

Gracing the world as a skinny child, he weighed around 54 kg, but that never stopped him in high school trying to win over girls before taking up a position in the Israeli Army at 18. For confidentiality reasons, he can’t say his role but his tenacity and resilience through tough training gave him the courage to try bodybuilding. Similar to army life of dedication and focus, he aims to beat the best person in the room and then enter the next room and beat that person too: nothing could stop him.

His reason for success comes down to not giving up and taking the time to master the “thing”. You can’t expect to wake up one day and be the best lawyer or gymnast in the world: this all takes time and years of dedication to the craft. Naor continues to read, learn, adapt and improve himself and the lives of others that he works with. He’s a friendly fitness coach who you can honestly tell that you’re struggling with the cookies and Starbucks lattes.


2011 was when he committed to bodybuilding, meaning he has been in the training industry for over a decade. He then started offering his training services worldwide when he started his website in 2019. As a part of his program, members have 24/7 access to his team and him via email and WhatsApp. Can you imagine the time zones that he is covering? His morning starts with a shower and the chance to breathe in the new day while mentally planning the day’s order of events. Which usually starts with approximately 4000 emails that need sifting, responding and delegating before heading off to the local gym for his personal exercise. 

Personal life

His most phenomenal comeback was from a surprising setback. At 27, he underwent heart valve replacement surgery. He was very unsure if he could go back to fitness and training as a coach or bodybuilder and even continue his modelling career. It was a scary few months for him and his family, which thankfully gave him some quiet time and led to a great recovery period. His fitness is now better than it was before and he hasn’t even reached his peak.

Naor enjoys spending time with his very adopted dogs, which you see rolling around on the ground with him on his Instagram profile. He enjoys spending time with his girlfriend; going to the beach, and spending time with his friends. There is a healthy work-life balance from his worldwide clients and his time as a real estate entrepreneur.

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