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Janet Frederick and Deannee Santiago: The Mother and Daughter Who Have Brought All-Natural Skincare to Instagram With Lulu’s Holistics



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Natural and homemade skincare products have been on the rise in recent years, and many more people have been turning toward them for themselves. Whether they’re making them themselves or buying them from others, the sales surrounding these products have been growing exceptionally. In 2019, Grand View Research released a report that estimated the organic personal care market would be worth well over $25 billion USD by 2025.


That number comes as no surprise when one takes a look at the thousands of business owners who have been sharing their products through social media. Various social media platforms, and Instagram in particular, have given these individuals the opportunity to share their homemade soaps, lotions, and more, resulting in thousands of dollars worth of sales each day. Customers of these natural, organic, and homemade products tend to rave about being able to see the process of their items being made, something that not very many big chain brands can do.


One example of an Instagram account making big waves with its natural products is Black-owned Lulu’s Holistics. The company is owned by a mother and daughter, Janet Frederick and Deanne Santiago, and has been in business for just over four years at the time of writing. The pair provide customers with a range of products, including soaps, haircare, skincare, scrubs, and serums, all of which are made without any chemicals, parabens, or preservatives.


Their company stems back to Janet, a vegan who wanted to create her own organic and natural products. As a Black woman, she also needed specific things for her hair and skin, so Janet took it upon herself to make her own skincare and hair care products. Her daughter, Deannee, was inspired by this and shared it on Instagram, where things blew up almost instantly. In just a day, the pair had over 500 requests from people asking to buy their own products.


In their four years of business, Lulu’s Holistics has grown exceptionally from where it started. Janet and Deannee have continued making products, including body butters, facial serums, and scrubs, though their most popular item would be their turmeric hand soap. Scents come in lavender, non-scented, and lemon, and the soaps themselves are able to help with discoloration, stretch marks, acne, psoriasis, and eczema, among various other skin conditions.


Each of the products available by Lulu’s Holistics provides these types of results, making it clear why they’ve gained over 400,000 followers on their Instagram. With that type of support, it’s obvious why the company has reached its levels, making millions of dollars in revenue each year. Those numbers come not only from incredible products, but from the service Janet, Deannee, and their staff provide.


The perfect example of this is back when the pandemic first started, and they wanted to go that extra mile to say thank you to their loyal customers for supporting them even during the hard times. Throughout 2020, Lulu’s Holistics sent out free masks, hand sanitiser, benefit shots of ginger and a health boost, and even sea moss to rid the body of mucus. When so many other companies were trying to turn a profit during the mask and sanitiser shortages, Lulu’s Holistics’ generosity was a welcome and refreshing breath of fresh air. Their customers certainly appreciated it.


Going above and beyond for one’s customers is essential for creating a strong business, and the mother and daughter have done a great job at doing exactly that. Their humble beginnings mean they have firsthand experience with the struggles of the everyday person, and the pair has used that to help them relate to their customers and provide them with the resources they need to stay happy and healthy during these trying times.


For the future, Janet and Deannee have plans to expand their company, not only by opening new locations but with new products. They are also testing out CBD products, as they hope to eventually branch out into that industry, as well as the marijuana industry. Updates on everything mentioned can be found on Lulu’s Holistics’ Instagram.

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