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Meet Real Estate Investment Expert Morris Smith – Entrepreneurship Stories



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Morris “Mo” Smith, is the founder/CEO of Beyond The Clippers, a company that helps entrepreneurs and professionals learn how to get into real estate investing while maintaining their respective careers. Through Beyond The Clippers, Smith offers 1-on-1 coaching in real estate and financial literacy, property location services and project management for property rehabilitation. He also offers mentoring and coaching programs that allow professionals to become real estate investment experts in their own right. “I created Beyond The Clippers because I want to show people that all you need is financial intelligence,” Smith said. “Beyond The Clippers is real estate investing from behind the chair. I’ve been able to create wealth from behind the chair through real estate investing and I want to show and teach people that you can be successful through real estate investing. It can be a great outlet for financial freedom.” Smith created Beyond The Clippers in 2019, after years of experience in real estate as an investor and an agent. The name of the company comes from the fact that Smith was a licensed barber and barbershop owner when he got into real estate. He owns a barbershop and cuts hair from time to time. A native of Montgomery, Alabama, Smith graduated from Lakeside High School in Atlanta, Georgia, where he first learned to cut hair. He obtained a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from Stillman College using his barbering skills as his primary source of income and would go on to open his first barber in 2005 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, at 22-years-old. Next door to his barbershop was a real estate school. At the advice of one of his barbering clients, Smith took real estate classes at the school while maintaining his barbershop, and shortly acquired his real estate license. Smith was able to use real estate to accumulate most of his wealth through real estate, which allowed him to continue to maintain his barbershop while also opening other businesses. He now controls multiple properties in different states utilizing a variety of real estate strategies. Now it’s his goal to teach other business owners and professionals how they can accumulate wealth through real estate, without giving up their careers or passions. “I want people to be able to invest in real estate with a strategy. A strategy that fits their situation, or just financial literacy as a whole. I want to be able to educate people and show people ways to invest and show them that you don’t need a lot of money to start,” Smith said. “People who take part in Beyond The Clippers get me. They get all of my knowledge and experience because I once was them so I’m uniquely qualified to consult them on how to go about investing in real estate. When I work with people, I work like I’m their partner. I work like it’s my money being put up. I have way too much knowledge and experience to not help my fellow entrepreneurs and professionals. There’s no reason why we all can’t win, but we have to take that first step. And I’m here to hold your hand so you don’t fall.” Smith said.



For more information about Beyond, The Clippers visit Also, check

out the Beyond The Clippers YouTube channel, view the tips and tricks to real estate investing that Morris

Smith gives through videos.

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