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Fulfilling Goals Through Digital Business With Gurvin Singh Dyal (Mr. Gurvz)



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Getting rich and doing it as quickly as possible—ideally in one’s early twenties—is one of the crazes being served from countless Instagram profiles and PR texts. It can sometimes seem like everyone’s on the hunt for their very own get-rich-quick scheme, with the internet being a great hunting ground for possible ventures with massive payoffs.

Things aren’t always what they look like, however. There can only be so many startups that turn into Amazon or Facebook; there’s not that much room at the top. People don’t have to get to the top to do well for themselves, however, and they can use online tools to help get them to their goals.

The Real Potential of Digital Businesses

Gurvin Singh Dyal, who goes by the moniker Mr Gurvz online, is a digital entrepreneur who dabbled in different kinds of online businesses before finding what worked for him. “Dabbling,” of course, means tons of courses and trial-and-error he had to perform while still at college to find a formula that worked for him.

Gurvin would be the first one to say that making money online has nothing to do with get-rich-quick schemes. The digital landscape is, however, rife with opportunities to put in the work and grow a business there, but that’s different from just sitting in front of a computer and watching the money roll in.

Venturing into digital businesses could, however, help people who are looking for a path to affluence in other, more tangible ways. There’s no need to look further for examples than the subjects of courses offered in Gurvin Singh’s company, Academy2Earn.

The courses sold by Academy2Earn include affiliate marketing, drop-shipping, and Amazon FBA. What all of these areas of interest—or ways to earn money online—have in common is that they put the learner in the driver’s seat of their own success. A person getting into any of those businesses will be working for themselves, not employers, bosses, or managers. This can put them in a position to reap all the rewards for themselves, even though they will be responsible for any shortcomings, too.

Moving Away From a Material Perspective

That is, of course, if affluence is the key goal. While getting wealthy is something that doesn’t usually happen overnight and, even in the digital world, requires a significant investment of time, it’s also not something that has to be a goal in and of itself.

For Gurvin, getting a certain kind of a car was a goal he was able to accomplish using the earnings from his digital businesses. But other people might have goals that aren’t that material in nature that can still be helped by engaging in some kinds of online businesses.

For example, people who want to be stay-at-home parents can spend more time with their kids while still having the ability to earn. Even though working from home with children is still challenging—a fact many parents who were lucky enough to be able to work from home found out during the pandemic—a combination of a flexible work schedule and not having to commute as much could work wonders.

People who want to have more free time to be able to travel, engage with their community, or just read books can also find help from online businesses. For example, automation can drastically decrease the number of hours people need to be working in a day. Also, outsourcing some of the work on a global marketplace can get the job done while keeping the costs reasonable.

Making money online and getting rich quickly are two very different things. For anyone willing to put in the time and sometimes an initial investment, though, online businesses can be a great facilitator to fulfilling their business and personal goals. As long as those goals are reasonable, that is.

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