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Meet Niharika Pandey: A young Indian Entrepreneur creating digital waves in Italy.



Nihaarika Pandey Indian Entrepreneur
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Young Indian entrepreneur Niharika Pandey helps businesses realise their dreams by kick-starting & transforming their digital presence for higher leads and revenue


Having flown to Italy 5 years ago to pursue her dreams, Niharika Pandey now helps businesses fulfil their dreams. Starting to work from the age of 17, her entrepreneurial journey began back in 2012 when she started making websites & managing social media for local businesses in Mumbai, India. And her skills have reached to cater and uplift a whole-new market in Europe.

At the age of 18, she was a digital marketing consultant to India’s first sports medicine institute and assisted the process for multiple investments from big industrialists. She was part of the core team doing it all all-inaugurating and preparing investors presentations, reporting monthly performances to company directors, budget handling, collaborating with PUMA India for events, and assisting the business in being Mumbai marathon’s official recovery partner for consecutive years.

Realising her passion in the fashion sector, Niharika went to Italy and pursued a Master’s degree in Luxury and Fashion brand management from Instituto Marangoni in Milan. Unlike any other fresh graduate, Niharika was driven towards using her skills for a side hustle while also working full-time. But little did she know at that time that her side hustle would end up being her calling. Having worked with the website development and graphic designing part-time, Niharika observed the lack of digital presence amongst local businesses.

To bridge this digital gap between the entrepreneurs and consumers, she founded Elements Milano, a digital transformation space assisting entrepreneurs in strategising their online journey & providing services like website development & design, mobile apps & much more. JSW was one of her biggest clients and she also managed JSW Steel Italy’s website renovation project.  Due to her Indian roots coupled with exposure in the European market, they chose her to get their website re-designed from scratch, create visual content and communicate the organisation’s mission in Western Europe.

Since then, there’s no looking back. With more than 8 years of experience now, she has worked with clients from the UK, Slovakia, Romania, and Germany. With holistic experience and knowledge in luxury brand management, she is now helping local Italian businesses go Glocal (think globally and act locally) and amplify their authenticity. Moreover, she strongly feels that as there is a market for big fashion brands like Gucci in the East, there is also a huge market for Indian goods & experiences in the West, especially in Europe as the market here appreciates & gives importance to cultural relevance. So, her mission is to mentor up-and-coming brands globally to mark their own niche in the digital world through branding & technology.

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