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From Mudhouse To Medschool To Millionaire – Sal Khan



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Sal Khan Sal Khan is a Bengali entrepreneur, investor, world traveller, and opportunist. He comes from extremely humble beginnings of being born lifeless and unresponsive, in a tiny remote village in Bangladesh.

Growing up Sal understood the meaning of hard work from seeing his parents work 16 hour days for over 22 years which earned him the opportunity to go to America and attend medical school. Which he would later drop out due to his fathers heart attack and him taking on the responsibility of providing for his whole family. In his quest he worked many odd jobs which ultimately led him on his journey of becoming an entrepreneur. Through the discovery of the emerging opportunity of cryptocurrency, his passion for networking, and the direction in which the world and their economies were headed, there was an explosion of synergy.

Crypto allowed him to take care of his family and do incredible things for them. It also allowed him to travel the world and visit over 20 countries. Now Sal looks to give back and help others by investing in multiple startups and giving them opportunities that he never had. Sal believes life is a collection of opportunities and depending on the oppurtunities we are able to see and sieze will determine the quality of our lives as well as the experiences that we have in this lifetime.


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