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Staying Motivated Everyday with CEO Sean Pandya



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There’s plenty of advice around on how to achieve success and what it takes to “make it”. But there isn’t much on once you have achieved your goals. If every dream comes true, how do you stay motivated? How do you keep staying “in the zone” and not lose your grit.

What gets you out of bed in the morning when you have achieved everything you hoped and worked for?

Hopefully, this article can offer a valuable insight as we look into what keeps CEO of Amcon Consultants, Sean Pandya, motivated despite his goals been crushed already.

Sean Pandya is an interesting man to say the least. In recent times, he has ventured out into social media becoming an influencer in his own right. He has remained determined and highly motivated to this day, but why and how?

Best way to find out is to ask him:


What keeps you motivated everyday?

“Everyday I am motivated by my desire to make an impact on the world. I don’t want to mindlessly go through life and I honestly fear becoming a nobody, just one out of a billion of individuals on this planet. I don’t advocate for the fear of failure, but my fears have actually pushed me to growing an empire. I no longer see failure as even an option.”

Here, Sean is sharing with us that he has created a bigger purpose for himself that helps to drive him towards his next goal and objective. However, that doesn’t explain what are the habits, the tricks, the processes he uses to actually transform this willingness into a reality. It all comes down to consistency and Sean shared with us his morning routine and it’s clearly showing that his discipline is top notch.

What is your routine ? What do you do in the morning and what are your core habits?

“I maintain a very serious fitness routine, year-round. I have been passionate about fitness and healthy living since my teen years, so every morning I eat a nutritious breakfast. I never skip breakfast. Since my schedule varies day to day, I can’t workout at the same time every day but I will always set aside an hour or so for myself to exercise. Sometimes this is early morning, sometimes this is late at night. It doesn’t matter to me, as long as I get that time for myself to do what I really enjoy and know is best for me! So in summary it’s a mix of early rising, nutrients-rich breakfast, exercise or workout and write down your daily tasks, prioritized from most to least complicated. This get me going every single day”.

This tells us that by having a consistent discipline in his life is a massive motivational factor. Discipline is also shown by Sean’s workout training. He trains every single muscle in his body, relentlessly. The more you shape your mindset into a determined machine, the easier life and its errands and tasks become.

What you think are the main factors that led you to where you are right now?

“I have a very competitive nature and I am my own biggest competitor. When I want something, I push for it very hard. This translates over from business to fitness. I have worked hard for years to achieve this physique while I have also worked very hard to earn my CEO status. This is because I never allow myself to be satisfied. When I reach a goal, there is always a new one that follows it. And it’s usually bigger than the previous one.”

This is a common denominator when it comes to making it in the top career positions or obtaining the goals you set for yourself: it’s the never-be-satisfied grit. That non-stop attitude. Which doesn’t equal to feeling unsatisfied or disappointed or unhappy. It’s actually a positive fire that keep achievers present and in the zone.

Any tip/advice for young entrepreneur or anybody who wants to emerge and make it to a high level in business and life?

“Any aspiring entrepreneur or professional should think less about their fears and more about when they are going to get started! If you want to start your own business, I’d say you should just do it, today, now!. Often times, the younger you are, the more risks you can take on! Life has a limited amount of days. When we are young we tend to see our future as endless and we often waste precious time just doing nothing. That’s where parents, educators, mentors and society should step in and teach kids that life is not infinite. We gotta make the best out of every day.”

Yes, the advice is to take action and do not waste time which is our most valuable asset (along with health). Mistakes will follow, adjustments will follow too. And little by little, pieces will fall into place and get you where you deserve to be.

Final thoughts

In summary, I believe Sean’s leading reason for staying motivated is creating bigger goals constantly and forming an habit of “never become complacent”. Having something to aim towards is crucial for continued success and never settle with what you achieved. This doesn’t mean being unsatisfied and living in a mood of constant need (which often lead to unhappiness). It means that the fire that moves us and keep us alive need to be fueled. For this reason, knowing ourselves and finding our passion, calling and purpose is crucial

Along with this, when he sets his goals, he doesn’t cap them. He has a purpose and that is simply to succeed. This is a valuable advice to learn.

Or as he would say “failure is no longer an option to me”.

Attitude is also key for maintaining and achieving success. A competitive nature makes it impossible to give up and back down. You will continue striving to be the best if you develop that mindset.

You can follow him on Instagram at @caramelbeast

sean pandya

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