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Akshay Zine

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Akshay Zine (born, 13 July 1997) is an Indian entrepreneur, author & Editor. Akshay is the Founder/CEO of TRS Digital Media but is most known for being the Founder and CEO of Entrepreneurship Stories. Akshay helps brands find their competitive edge and share unique and impactful stories through the use of public relations, advertising, and social media marketing. Akshay advises some of the most iconic Fortune 500 companies, celebrities, nonprofits, and executives.
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Asad Baig

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Entrepreneurship Stories

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Alex Lyons

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Ujwal Sharma

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Chris TDL

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Radhika Sharma

Managed a portfolio of fairly affluent clients whilst over achieving income targets by way of building strong relations, providing quality services, a one-point contact for all their requirements, gaining trust, and pitching the right product to the right client.
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Anwesha Nag

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Anuraag Peesara

A philanthropic, self-obsessed individual, sometimes tedious, sometimes edgy, yet the positive vibes keep me alive. Stay calm, be yourself, it's your life, do it your own way, my way is expressing via writing (typing rather).
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